FAQs About Tile Floors

Top 3 FAQs About Tile Floors  

Max’s Flooring Can Answer Most Tile Floor FAQs

This month, we’re answering FAQs about tile floors. As flooring experts in the area for more than 30 years, Max’s Flooring’s contractors have heard many frequently asked questions, as you can imagine. When it comes to tile floors, some common FAQs are:

  • What are the differences between tiles?
  • Isn’t tile flooring cold?
  • How do you cut and drill tiles?


Tile Floor FAQ 1: What are the Differences Between Tiles?

The common denominator in the differences between tiles are their composition and the way they’re made. For example, the differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles is that porcelain tile is created from more refined clay while ceramic is fired at lower temperatures than porcelain. Conversely, the differences between marble and granite tiles is their porosity; marble is more porous than granite.


Tile Floor FAQ 2: Isn’t Tile Flooring Cold?

The answer to this FAQ is simply “no.” Tile is densely made and gives off heat better than other flooring, like carpet, wood, laminate, or vinyl. Based on this, many perceive tile floors as ‘cold,’ or at least more so than other flooring options. That said, you can make tile floors feel less cold by installing underfloor heating.


Tile Floor FAQ 3: How Do You Cut and Drill Tiles?

There are a variety of tools you can use to cut and drill tiles, depending on the tile material. Wet saws, angled grinders, nippers, and snap cutters are examples of cutting tools. You use a Dremel tool to drill. Unfortunately, the tool hasn’t been invented yet that can both cut and drill simultaneously. There are plenty of YouTube videos that explain how to cut and drill tiles. You can always call Max’s Flooring for help.



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