Affordable Wood Flooring for Westmoreland County, PA

Max’s Flooring Offers Rustic and Elegant Style Wood Floor Options

Wood flooring for Westmoreland County, PA, comes in different color stains to match any décor. At Max’s Flooring, we have rustic and elegant styles, or somewhere in between. Whether for your home or business, Max’s Flooring has the right wood floor option for you. Call (724) 423-5591 today to get an estimate.

Install Wood Floors in Manor, PA, Dining, Living and Family Rooms

Wood floors give a timeless style to living, dining, and family rooms in and around Manor, PA. Their versatility makes them easily compatible with various kinds of décor. While keeping wood floors clean is important for longevity, doing so is not difficult. Max’s Flooring wood floors are mostly finished; a good dusting or vacuuming, then dry mopping works most of the time. Common wood used for floors include, but are not limited to:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Ash
  • Birch

Wood Flooring is Durable and Perfect for High Traffic Areas

Because of its durability, wood floors are perfect high traffic areas. To maintain longevity for the wood floors in these spaces, you should sweep them regularly. Dust, dirt, or gravel particles can accumulate quickly and lead to dents and scratches. Avoid mopping wood floors with water and harsh chemicals, however. You should clean up spills and leaks with a soft cloth, and dry the floor as soon as possible afterwards.

Max’s Flooring offers durable wood flooring for Westmoreland County, PA.