Bathroom Remodeling in Latrobe, PA

Max’s Flooring Transforms Your Bathroom’s Appearance

Does your old, drab bathroom need some serious work on it? Is it time for a remodeling project? Max’s Flooring should be your choice. When your bathroom was built in your current house in the Latrobe, PA area, it was fine at the time. Maybe you bought the home despite what the bathrooms looked like. But now you want to remodel because your family has grown or you just want to upgrade to a bathroom that is inviting and more modern.

When it is time for a bathroom remodeling project, call Max’s Flooring for a free estimate on the project at (724) 423-5591.

A Wide Array of Bathroom Remodeling Services

We are known for our flooring, but Max’s Flooring can provide a wide array of bathroom remodeling services for your home. From lighting to countertops, and shower ceramic enclosures, our experienced bathroom remodelers can perform a number of services. All of our bathroom remodeling services are done according to your plans. We will make sure you are in the loop about the project, and we will answer any questions you might have concerning work we are doing.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services Include:

> Flooring
> Cabinetry 
> Lighting  
> Tub Surrounds 
> Ceramic Shower Enclosure 
> Organizaton & Storage  
> Towel Bars/Warmers  

> Tile 
> Sink  
> Walls  
> Ceiling  
> Windows  
> Doors 

Do Not Bother With the Do-It-Yourself Project

Are you the type who likes do-it-yourself projects? Some homeowners start to remodel their bathroom by themselves in an attempt to save money, but in the long run, it turns out to be more expensive because they make mistakes and have to buy more materials. Max’s Flooring recommends that you should let our professionals do your bathroom remodeling. We will do it right the first time, efficiently, and quickly.

The Knowledge to Remodel Your Bathroom

When the professionals at Max’s Flooring remodel your bathroom, we will use our construction, plumbing, and electrical knowledge to complete the project. And you know that we can provide you with the best flooring available. Tile flooring comes in different shapes and sizes, and there are endless possibilities to what we can do. We can provide storage in the new remodel also. Contact us when you are ready to get an estimate on your bathroom remodeling project.