Porcelain Tile or Ceramic Tile

Deciding Between Porcelain Tile or Ceramic Tile  

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Can’t decide between porcelain tile or ceramic tile? It’s a good thing that you’re reading our blog! As the area’s leading tile expert, Max’s Flooring understands the pros and cons of each type of tile. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, for sure. When weighing the pros and cons yourself, you’ll want to consider things like, durability, versatility, and affordability.


Porcelain Tile is More Durable and Versatile than Ceramic Tile 

Two positives in favor of porcelain tile are that it’s more durable and versatile than ceramic tile. It’s toughness and low porosity make it especially durable and water-resistant. Because of its durability, porcelain tile is more versatile. You can lay porcelain tile in any room of the house you’d like – from the bathroom and kitchen to the dining and family rooms! Ceramic tiles tend to absorb moisture, so they usually require a weekly deep-cleaning. Because ceramic tiles are more fragile than porcelain, they’re not suited for rooms with a lot of foot traffic.


Of the Two, Ceramic is Generally More Affordable

While being durable and versatile are both positive attributes for porcelain, ceramic is much more affordable. What makes it so affordable is that it’s easier to install, thus costing less than porcelain overall. In general, ceramic tile costs about 60 percent less. You can usually purchase larger quantities of ceramic tiles compared to porcelain, which also makes them more affordable.



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